Dont Forget Your Neighbors During Home Renovation

Home renovation can indeed be a very messy affair both for you and your neighbors. Whereas you have no other option but to put up with the debris, dirt and dust that would be troubling you constantly as you want to improve the value of your home, there is no reason why your neighbors should tolerate this inconvenience. Its obvious that the work has to go on and as such you need to find a solution to the inconveniences so that you can maintain a good relationship with your neighbors. The problems and their solutions are being discussed below:

1) Noise Pollution: Any home renovation work will necessarily involve noise pollution from the various equipments that are being used along with the noise of vehicles bringing in materials. Children and old people are particularly affected as they cannot sleep during the day. The solution to this problem is to inform your neighbors well in advance about the schedule of work and assure them that all possible measures will be taken to reduce the noise pollution.

2) Continuous traffic: When home renovation work is going on, many trucks will be coming in and going out of your area and some of them might be parked on your street leading to traffic congestion and creating safety concerns for the children of the area. The solution is to earmark certain areas for parking and asking the contractors to work only during certain specified times and not on weekends. Moreover the contractors should be warned that they would be responsible for any damage to your neighbors or their properties.

3) Dirt and dust: Any home renovation work will necessarily create a lot of dirt, dust and debris that can easily pile up on your neighbors property because of the wind. Whereas very little can be done to counter this problem, the contractor can be asked to maintain as much cleanliness as possible, especially near the premises of your neighbors.

4) Nuisance factor: Home renovation in any form can be quite a nuisance for neighbors, especially the heavy trucks that can damage their property and the unseemly sights of lots of piled building materials for a long time. The solution is to protect the work area suitably so that the children of the area do not play inside the work area. As a goodwill gesture you can provide your neighbors with free car wash coupons and offer to get their windows washed.

5) Foul language: Its often seen that workers at any home renovation site use foul language most of the time. The solution is to warn the contractor that such inappropriate language would not be tolerated.
The best thing that you can do after the home renovation work is over and the debris cleaned up, is to throw a lavish party for your neighbors in order to thank them for tolerating the inconvenience caused to them.


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